Sharp J- Tech Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Super Jet Mode - In this mode the air conditioner delivers powerful blasts of cool air to rapidly reduce room temperature
  • Dragonfly Wing Fan - The cross-flow fan blades are modeled after the shape of a dragonfly's wing to boost airflow efficiency
  • Lock-On Sensor - The air conditioner detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshingly cool air in that direction
  • W Flex Louver - A specially designed louver with a wide range of motion delivers cool air to every corner of the room

cools 5°c in 5 minutes

with Sharp's
Experience superfast cooling with Super Jet Mode.

Save Up to 65%* Energy

Sharp's save up to 65%* energy with J-Tech Inverter and Eco Mode.

Plasmacluster Ion

Sharp's has Plasmacluster Ion. It provides clean and pure air that is free from germs, allergens, mold and odour.


7 Shields Japan Quality Assurance

Sharp's is protected with 7 Shields Japan Quality assurance.

Lock on Sensor

Sharp's comes with Lock on Sensor which detects and delivers cool air based on the remote control position.

Specification (-)
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 12500 (2860 - 15000)
Power Input (W) 950
Running Current (A) 5
EER (BTU/W) 13.2
COP 3.9
Star Rank 5
Power Supply (V-Hz) 220-240V 50Hz
Air Volume (m3/min) 11.5
Noise Level dB(A) 19
Dimension (mm) - Indoor (W×H×D) 856 x 290 x 244
Dimension (mm) - Outdoor (W×H×D) 598 x 495 x 265
Net Weight (kg) - Indoor 9
Net Weight (kg) - Outdoor 20
Refrigerant R32
Pipe Diameter (inch) 1/4, 3/8
Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m) 3 - 15
Maximum Chargeless Length (m) 7.5
Maximum Height Difference (m) 7
Outdoor Unit AUX13UXD
Features (-)
Powerful Jet Mode -
Super Jet Mode Yes
Turbo Mode -
W Flex Louver Yes
Dragonfly Fan Yes
Lock-On Sensor Yes
14m Long Airflow Yes
Coanda Airflow System Yes
Inverter-Controlled Operation -
ECO Mode -
Multi-Channel Heat Exchanger -
130V Operation -
Plasmacluster Ions Yes
0.5°C Setting -
15-Step Control -
Comfort Mode -
Baby Mode Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Best Sleep Mode Yes
Breeze Mode Yes
Self-Diagnosis -
Self-Cleaning Yes
14°C Temperature Setting Yes
LED Display -
Computerized Dry Mode Operation -
Auto Operation Mode -
Auto & 3-Step Fan Speed Setting -
Auto & 4-Step Fan Speed Setting -
Micro-Computer Control -
LCD Wireless Remote Control -
12-Hour On/Off Timer -
Awakening Function -
4-Way Auto Air Swing -
Auto Swing Louver -
Anti-Mold Anti-Bacteria Mesh Filter -
Dual Drain Setting -
Energy Saving Mode -