Sharp J- Tech Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Super Jet Mode - Delivers strong blasts of chilled air that automatically decrease the temperature in the room by 5°C in just five minutes.
  • Plamacluster ions - High density ions which clean the room air powerfully and quickly
  • W Flex Louver - The louver turns left or right at wider angles than on previous models to deliver 50% broader coverage and a more diffuse flow of air throughout the room. Measured from the center, the louver also rotates 180 degree to vertically control the flow of air over a wider range than on previous models.
  • Long Airflow with Coanda Technology - Exploit the coanda effect - a natural tendency for a jet of gas or liquid to be attracted to nerby surfaces.
Specification (-)
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 21,300 (5450-24200)
Power Input (W) 1800
Running Current (A) -
EER (BTU/W) 11.8
Star Rank 5
Power Supply (V-Hz) 220-240V / 50Hz
Air Volume (m3/min) -
Noise Level dB(A) -
Dimension (mm) - Indoor (W×H×D) 1006 X 316 X 249
Dimension (mm) - Outdoor (W×H×D) 850 x 710 x 330
Net Weight (kg) - Indoor -
Net Weight (kg) - Outdoor -
Refrigerant R32a
Pipe Diameter (inch) -
Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m) -
Maximum Chargeless Length (m) -
Maximum Height Difference (m) -
Outdoor Unit AUX24WMD
Features (-)
Powerful Jet Mode -
Super Jet Mode Yes
Turbo Mode -
W Flex Louver -
Dragonfly Fan Yes
Lock-On Sensor -
14m Long Airflow Yes
Coanda Airflow System Yes
Inverter-Controlled Operation Yes
ECO Mode Yes
Multi-Channel Heat Exchanger Yes
130V Operation Yes
Plasmacluster Ions Yes
0.5°C Setting Yes
15-Step Control Yes
Comfort Mode -
Baby Mode Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Best Sleep Mode Yes
Breeze Mode -
Self-Diagnosis -
Self-Cleaning -
14°C Temperature Setting Yes
LED Display -
Computerized Dry Mode Operation Yes
Auto Operation Mode Yes
Auto & 3-Step Fan Speed Setting -
Auto & 4-Step Fan Speed Setting Yes
Micro-Computer Control Yes
LCD Wireless Remote Control Yes
12-Hour On/Off Timer Yes
Awakening Function Yes
4-Way Auto Air Swing -
Auto Swing Louver Yes
Anti-Mold Anti-Bacteria Mesh Filter Yes
Dual Drain Setting Yes
Energy Saving Mode -