Sharp Ultrasonic Washer
  • Revolutionary Ultrasonic Wash
  • Instant Stain Removal
  • Gentle on Fabric
  • Light Weight and Compact Design
  • Cordless Convenience
Specification (-)
Cabinet Material Aluminium (alumite processing)
Color Silver
Input Voltage/Current DC5v (500mA)
Power Supply Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery(battery capacity 4.8V/900mmAh) (AAA x 4pcs, Built-in type, not detachable)
Consecutive Operating Time 3 mins. Stop in 3 mins from safety aspect, can resume by pushing power button again)
Operation Approximately 5 hours full charge/ 30 mins operations
Ultrasonic Frequency Approximately 38kHz
Product Weight About 200g without cap cover/ About 230g with cap cover
Dimensions Length 168mm, Width 40 x 40mm
Opeartion Key Power On/Off
Waterproof Splash proof
Terminal on product body for charge Micro-USB
Accessories USB cable, cloth bag puff case with puff (for portable use)