AQUOS is certified as low blue light
emission TV from TÜV.



• Blue light reduced for caring eye health.

• Responding the significant rising hours of screen time which accelerated by COVID-19 pandemic, the bad e ect of blue light reaching to the retina has alerted. With AQUOS Comfort Mode, it helps to reduce the emission of blue light.

• The TÜV certified AQUOS TV

Comfort mode meet the requirements for low emissions of blue light from the display, The certification was conducted by leading independent testing and certification firm TÜV Rheinland.


Our TÜV certified AQUOS series


| 4K with Android TV

▶4T-C70DL1X ▶ 4T-C60DL1X ▶ 4T-C50DL1X ▶ 4T-C50DK1X ▶ 4T-C50DK1i

| 2K easy smart

▶ 2T-C50DF1X
*except for Philippines
▶ 2T-C42DF1X
*except for Philippines
▶ 2T-C32DF1X
*except for Philippines
▶ 2T-C50DF1i ▶ 2T-C42DF1i