Trusted Hygiene

Plasmacluster technology cleans the air inside the refrigerator, creating a hygienic food storage space. It reduces levels of undesirable contaminants and unpleasant odours to provide complete hygiene, giving you peace of mind.

Trusted Moisture

Moisture capsule drawer is designed to keep fruits and vegetables with higher humidity level and optimize the freshness. Fruits and vegetables remains crisp, moist and fresh for a longer time.

Trusted Cooling

Advance Quattro smart fan technology provide exceptional cooling power and effectively circulates cold air to every compartment of the refrigerator while save energy with precise control by powerful Jtech inverter operation.

Energy Saving

Precise temperature control with J-Tech Inverter using 36 gradual cooling steps. It cools faster, minimizes noise and reduces energy consumption while providing more savings for your pocket.

Moist Fresh

Hybrid Cooling System controls and radiates cool humid air throughout the compartment fast and even. It prevent dryness and keep refrigerator moisture to maintain freshness and nutrients in food.

Multi-Temperature Room

A dedicated compartment for specific storage.

Switch between refrigerator and freezer with Multi Temperature Settings or select between four Pre-set Assisting Modes for greater flexibility in food storage.

Pre-set Assisting Mode

Choose between four Pre-set Assisting Modes to suit your storage needs.

  • Cool Down Mode
  • Cools down warm items without affecting overall fridge temperature.

  • Defrost Mode
  • Safely defrosts meat without losing its flavor and moisture.

  • Extra Cool Mode
  • Enjoy cold beverages in an instant.

  • Express Cool Mode
  • Rapidly lowers down the temperature to ensure food is stored safely for a longer period of time.

Multi-Temperature Setting

Multi-Temperature Setting allows the compartment to become a fridge or freezer with the touch of a button.

  • -18°C
  • Deep freeze
  • Prevents nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food.

  • -8°C
  • Soft freeze
  • Store ready to cook items for longer periods of time while retaining texture.

  • 0°C
  • Chill
  • Chills food without freezing. Perfect for dairy products and ready to cook food without thawing.

  • 3°C
  • Cool
  • Retains freshness and crispness of fruits with ideal humidity.

Touch Control Panel

Control settings at a touch of your finger

The sophisticated touch control panel allows easy access to the refrigerator settings. It is designed to minimize door opening, prevents temperature fluctuation and preserve food freshness.

Water Dispenser

A hidden luxury in your refrigerator

The exclusive water dispenser is fitted with an intelligent swirling mechanism which remains concealed when not in use, keeping it free from dusts and insects. Touch the sensor lightly and the dispenser door will swirl open.

Sleek Design

A stunning, sleek design refrigerator made with smooth glass to reflect your exclusive lifestyle.


Sharp's multi door refrigerator and other products equipped with Plasmacluster technology has been sold more than 80 million units worldwide. Plasmacluster produce similar positive and negative ions found in nature creating healthier living environment.


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