Malaysians have voiced their needs and we have listened. Today, a better life can be enjoyed by all.

The world has moved into the age of the new normal. Life as we used to live it, is no longer the same. That's why today, Sharp steps into your life, to bring you New Norm Living Solutions that have your every need in mind. From keeping your home and laundry virus-free to providing the very best when answering your kitchen, hygiene, air care and entertainment needs, there's peace of mind, always. Read on. There's more that will surprise you!

Your Entertainment Needs

It’s a great time to stay at home more, with our superior range providing for Your Entertainment Needs. Stunning, real life picture quality viewing and other state-of-the art selections are all it takes to keep the family delighted, together. Your home entertainment is at its best!

Your Kitchen Needs

Staying at home and cooking more is the new norm way of life. Our range has Your Kitchen Needs in mind. So you enjoy convenience with more freezer storage space and easy microwave upkeep. Your kitchen is at its best!

Your Air Care Needs

If now is when you truly need the best indoor and outdoor protection, the Your Air Care Needs are well taken of with Sharp's excellent range that reduces indoor surface transmission of SARS-COV-2* by 99.7%. The air in your car is kept fresh too, by eliminating clinging mould odours. Your home and car are at their best!

*Based on research conducted by the Department of Microbiology, Shimane University, Japan.

Your Hygiene Needs

Keeping home and family safe is a priority these days, but you can rest assured that Your Hygiene Needs are answered with this effective range that includes Dry Airwash. From keeping your laundry virus-free to reducing the presence of bacteria, your needs are kept at heart. Your home is at its best!