Superheated Steam Oven

An Ingenious Innovation in Cooking

Superheated Steam Oven


The temperature of Superheated Steam Oven reaches more than 300°C, and forms steam of clear and transparent steam. This continuous flood of superheated steam has an excellent heat transfer and high cooking capacity that seals in the natural moisture, and nutrients of your food.

Superheated Steam Oven - Introduction

Superheated Steam Oven

  • Superheated steam generator

    A high power heater generates a great amount of water vapor.

    Superheated Steam has 8 times of calorific value than that of convection heating oven.

  • High density door shield structure

    Allowing cooking process to be in low-oxygen environment to retain nutrients in the food.

    Prevent air from entering oven during cooking process with high density door shield structure.

    Superheated steam spreads the entire large storage area evenly.

    Efficiently injecting superheated steam from the top and back.

Superheated Steam Oven

Deliciously Healthy

Healsio Superheated Steam Oven will cook delicious and healthy meals with usual ingredients. It removes excess fat and salt while protecting the nutrition of ingredients and original taste.

Leaves More Nutrients from the Ingredients!
Steady stream of superheated steam releases high energy to effectively cook food and drip away excess fat in the process.
Both continuous flood of superheated steam and door shield mechanism drive out oxygen from the heating compartment. This phenomenon creates super-low oxygen environment that prevents from the oxidation of vitamin C and protect essential nutrients as much as possible.
High concentration of steam also works to reduce the salt content in food. Due to the high heat and moisture, salt in food is absorbed by the moisture on the food surface, thus reducing salt levels in food making it more healthy to consume.
All-in-One Automatic Cooking

All-in-One Automatic Cooking

Even if the quantity of food is large or small, frozen or normal temperature, just select the cooking method after arranging it in the tray. Healsio Superheated Steam Oven intelligently cooked all ingredients at once.

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Both the superheated steam and temperature sensors contributes to evenly finish of cooking.

The sensors with intelligent algorithm detect the temperature and size of each ingredient, control heating level for each cooking time. By using this method, cooking process will be done perfectly at one time even though we put the ingredients with different temperature. Your worry of burning food is more likely to be eased.

Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control

Superheated Steam

Due to the characteristics of superheated steam, the lower temperature gives more heat.

Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control

Temperature sensor

From the temperature rise condition with the temperature sensor, judge the amount of food and adjust the heating time.

Superheated Steam Oven

Multiple Cooking

Multi-cooking technique use for grill, bake, stir-fry and steam

Superheated Steam Oven
Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control

Grill and Non-fried

The healthy way of baking using steam and convection without microwave heating for the most nourishing meal.

Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control


Combination of water and convection cooking generates superheated steam to stir fry the foods to the perfection.

Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control


Use of high heat to brown and crisp the food surface, while effectively melt away excess fat and salt, as well as preserving the juiciness.

Let Hotcook do the Stirring and Heat Control


Superheated steam technology is ideal for steaming dumplings, pao and cream puff.

Easy to Use

Easy Maintenance

Simple Cooking Equipment

Metal cookware, aluminum foil and prepackaging food can be used in the Superheated Steam Oven. Your cooking process becomes more simple without special containers.

Storage Lid

Easy Maintenance

Superheated Steam Oven is equipped with a maintenance mode that makes it easy to remove dirt with Healsio high temperature steam.

Easy Reheating

Clean and Sterilize

This oven can be used to sterilize heat-resistant plastic dishes, lunch boxes, porcelain, ceramic, glassware and metal dishes. A heat-resistant resin cutting board or a towel can be sterilized.