Kitchen Appliances

6.6L Rice Cooker - KSH668CWH Compare
4.5L Rice Cooker - KSH458CWH Compare
32L Microwave Oven with Convection - R859EBS Compare
•1100W Top Grill
•Combi Cooking
•Touch Control Panel
28L Microwave Oven with Grill - R759EBS Compare
•Grill Cooking
•Combi Cooking
•Touch Control Panel
23L Microwave Oven - R259EBS Compare
•Auto Menus
•2 Defrost Menus
•3 Convenience Menu
2.8L Rice Cooker - KSH288SPK Compare
2.8L Rice Cooker - KSH288SSL Compare
2.8L Rice Cooker - KSH288GWH Compare
2.2L Rice Cooker - KSH228SPK Compare
2.2L Rice Cooker - KSH228SSL Compare
2.2L Rice Cooker - KSH228GWH Compare
1.0L Rice Cooker - KSH108SSL Compare
1.0L Rice Cooker - KSH108SPK Compare
1.0L Rice Cooker - KSH108GWH Compare
1.8L Rice Cooker - KSH188SSL Compare
1.8L Rice Cooker - KSH188SPK Compare
1.8L Rice Cooker - KSH188GWH Compare
25L Microwave Oven - R357EK Compare
•900W Microwave
•2 Auto Menus
•Mirror glass door
25L Microwave Oven with Grill - R607EK Compare
•Mirror Glass Door
•900W Microwave
•315mm Turntable Size
20L Microwave Oven - R207EK Compare
•New Hairline Design
•Energy Saving Mode
•20 Litres Capacity