Sharp Air Cooler
68W Air Cooler - PJA100TVW Compare
  • Increased power and capacity due to improved motor efficiency 
  • Decreased motor abrasion speeds up start-up of the motor 
  • Convenience and effortless side water filling 
  • Timer function (ON/OFF)
Specification (-)
Control type Remote Control
Display Mode LED
Timer ON / Off 15 hours
Wind Selection Normal wind / Natural wind / Sleep wind
Air Inlet Direction Back air intake
Water-lacking protection Yes
Dimension (WxHxD) 380 x 760 x 310
Nett Weight 10.84
Body Colour White
Power Consumption 68W
Rated voltage 220
Water tank capacity 10L
Air volume 370 m3/hour
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Fan Speed 4 (Soft / Low / Middle / High)
Motor Speed (High Speed) 1130±70 RPM
Cooling and Humidifying type Evaporative
Right & left swing angle (auto) 45° (auto)
Up & down swing angle (Manual) 120° (auto)